Uncompromising And Preeminent Criminal Defense In Cases Of National Importance.

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Unparalleled Criminal Defense From Two Leading Attorneys

There is no question that criminal charges are a serious matter. Anyone who has ever faced them has quickly realized how daunting facing off against the criminal justice system can be. To help clients overcome these challenges, attorneys Michael T. van der Veen and William “Bill” J. Brennan have joined forces to collaborate on high-level criminal defense cases that demand the fiercest and most aggressive defenses. As leaders in criminal defense in Philadelphia, both men have developed their practices to national heights, representing clients across the country in serious cases that draw the country’s attention.

The Risks Of Criminal Conviction Require An Uncompromising Defense

At their individual law offices, both Michael van der Veen and Bill Brennan take on all manner of criminal cases. However, when they collaborate together on a case, it is typically a challenging one that requires their combined skills in order to protect the client’s freedoms and defend their rights throughout the criminal justice process. The majority of their cases are brought in federal and state courts, encompassing serious and complex crimes involving drugs, sex offences, the internet and many other areas; however, one of their most notable cases took place before the United States Senate. The culmination of their collaboration has been their successful defense of former President Donald J. Trump during his second impeachment, in which the entire nation watched them work diligently to advocate for their client.

This is just one example of the numerous cases in which these two leaders in the criminal defense community have come together to jointly defend their client. Throughout each of their more than three decades of practice, they have represented public figures, politicians, religious leaders, police officers and even judges. In each case, they leverage the unique skills that they both bring to the defense to ensure that their client is getting an unwavering defense strategy.

Reach Out To Michael And Bill

If you are interested in discussing your case with Michael and Bill, you can reach out to them and set up an appointment with their firms to see if they can help you. Call them at 215-883-8269 or send them a message online here with a brief description of your situation.