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Pillars in the field of criminal law residing in Philadelphia, attorneys Michael T. van der Veen and William “Bill” J. Brennan are both successful advocates who have established their respective law offices as leading criminal defense firms. By joining together and collaborating on high-level criminal defense cases, they have raised the caliber of their practices even further, defending clients in cases of national importance and helping guide the course of history.

Taking On Historic Cases Across The United States

Criminal Law

From serious state criminal law charges, federal criminal trials, all the way to congressional impeachment proceedings, they take criminal cases that shape the course of history and have a lasting impact. They provide defense for clients in serious cases where the stakes cannot be higher, and their clients need to rely on their experience, knowledge and grit to see them through their case.

A Collaboration Between Two Leaders Of Criminal Defense Law

Both Mr. van der Veen and Mr. Brennan are highly experienced criminal defense attorneys who have built their own law practices and dedicated their careers to providing unparalleled zealous advocacy to their thousands of clients. In their individual practices, they handle all criminal law matters, serving their clients in state and federal criminal trials in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

Together, they have collaborated as counsel on large, highly volatile criminal defense cases, combining their skills and experience to present a unified legal defense. Their mission is to work together on large cases involving the most serious of criminal offenses, where they can leverage their individual decades of experience in general criminal defense practice to provide stalwart defenses for their clients against the criminal justice system.

Attorneys William J. Brennan and Michael van der Veen

Historic And Precedent-Setting Case Results Through Their Cooperative Efforts

Over the course of their careers, both Mr. van der Veen and Mr. Brennan have established themselves as seasoned defense litigators who excel in taking on hard cases. The clients that they have jointly represented have included public figures, politicians, clergy members, judges and police officers.

The foremost accomplishment of their cooperative representation has been the successful acquittal of the former president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, at his second impeachment before the United States Senate. Their ongoing work on behalf of the former president also includes representing The Trump Organization at its criminal trial in New York. This highlights how their services as a defense team are sought after for cases of national importance.

Uncompromising Defense For The Toughest Cases

For all their clients, attorneys van der Veen and Brennan are committed to the principle that everyone deserves a zealous advocate to defend their rights and ensure fair treatment under the law. For those interested in retaining their services to collaborate on a criminal defense case, prospective clients can reach them by dialing 215-883-8269 to schedule a meeting.

Attorneys William J. Brennan and Michael van der Veen

When The Stakes Cannot Be Higher, You Need To Rely On Us To Defend You